Quotes and Delivery C&F to any Port Worldwide

We have available an extensive database of shipping companies based all over the world who are ready to handle any shipping enquiries any prospective client may have.Locally we have a facility in place where we are able offer finance on any machines which are being imported into South Africa from our stock overseas.

Where machines are purchased from our stock holding in  The USA in excess of US$ 500.000 we are able to offer import / export finance backed by the Import Export Bank of America.  At DJN we take the logistical nightmare of shipping to another country or importing in South Africa out of your hands.... we will quote ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD on a CIF basis (Cost , Insurance & Freight) thus quoting you a Bottom  line price delivered to your Site.

In addition to your shipping requirements  we are able to offer you:

  • An initial quotation including an indicative shipping cost,  machine information and photo's.
  • Should you be interested in any units you would place an  order Subject To Inspection. This will enable us
    to firm the quotation for shipping etc to your  specified port.
  • The machine would then be inspected by either you or your representative, and should you not know of anyone we 
    can refer you to an Independent Evaluator or the Local Dealer.
  • On acceptance of the machine inspection we will make the  necessary arrangements and preparations to
    have the machine shipped to your specified port.
Don't allow the anxiety of importing / exporting your next piece of Capital equipment daunt you, we have an abundance of expertise in assisting you the buyer.


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